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41 - What does sex offender registration require in Arizona and how does it work?

Mandatory sex offender registration means that anyone who is ordered to register as a sex offender must notify the sheriff’s department of their home address once they have been convicted of the underlying sexual offense.  The offender is required to update his or her address within 72 hours of moving to a new address.  Failure to register an updated address constitutes a felony offense within the state of Arizona and carries a possible prison sentence.  If the offender is already a felon, then by law, probation is no longer available if you commit the crime of fail to register as a sex offender. Other restrictions apply to this statute, particularly for homeless people, who are required to register their general location of residence every 90 days.  For more details about the statute, review the Arizona Revised Statutes as the pertain to sex offender registration or consult a qualified Phoenix criminal defense attorney with experience in sex crimes.

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