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4 - What is the role of the prosecutor?

A prosecutor is an agent of the state.  They have gone to law school and are attorneys; however, they are employed by the government and are responsible for charging people with criminal offenses and securing convictions against defendants.  Many people mistakenly believe that the arresting police officer charges someone with a crime at the point of arrest.  This is incorrect.  The police officer merely makes the arrest and submits charges to the prosecutor who will then decide what charges, if any, to file.

It’s important to understand that the prosecutor is considered to be both an attorney and a member of law enforcement.  Their job is to secure convictions against criminal defendants through a plea agreement or plea bargain, or a trial.  They have a lot of power and do not represent the defendant’s interests or the interests of the victim, but the interests of the state.  Their role is to prosecute criminal defendants.  They are against the defendant.

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