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6. What is DV Criminal Damage (Domestic Violence)?

DV Criminal Damage, a Domestic Violence offense, is charged when the alleged behavior involves two or more persons whose relationship falls within any of the enumerated Domestic Violence relationships.

Arizona Revised Statues §13-1604, defines Criminal Damage as:

A. A person commits criminal damage by:

1. Recklessly defacing or damaging property of another person; or

2. Recklessly tampering with property of another person so as substantially to impair its function or value; or

3. Recklessly damaging the property of a utility.

4. Recklessly parking any vehicle in such a manner as to deprive livestock of access to the only reasonably available water.

5. Recklessly drawing or inscribing a message, slogan, sign or symbol that is made on any public or private building, structure or surface, except the ground, and that is made without permission of the owner.

6. Intentionally tampering with utility property. A.R.S. §13-1604(A).

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FAQ - Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona