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5. How can I be charged with DV Disorderly Conduct if I didn’t do anything     wrong?

As noted in Arizona Revised Statues §13-2904, the crime of Disorderly Conduct can be charged under any number of circumstances.  Often time, the mere presence of an individual during a verbal argument or altercation may result in criminal charges for Disorderly Conduct DV. However, a seasoned Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler or Mesa criminal defense attorney can help you fight your charges.  If you have been charged with Disorderly Conduct or Disorderly Conduct as a Domestic Violence Offense, contact Verdura Law Group PLLC today for a free consultation.

At Verdura Law Group PLLC, our attorneys have experience protecting the rights of the wrongfully accused in federal, state and city court. These courts include but are not limited to: United States Federal District Court of Arizona, Maricopa County Superior Court, Gilbert Municipal Court, Chandler Municipal Court, Mesa Municipal Court, Scottsdale Municipal Court and Phoenix Municipal Court, as well as all courts in the Phoenix Metro west valley.

Ms. Kaitlin S. Verdura Esq., aggressively represents the wrongfully accused in Domestic Violence cases and has achieved countless Domestic Violence dismissals due to her experience defending against both felony and misdemeanor charges within the state of Arizona.

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FAQ - Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona