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16. I am the victim of Domestic Violence but I want the charges dropped and the       prosecutor refuses to dismiss the case.  What can I do?

The Arizona Victims’ Bill of Rights guarantees certain constitutional rights to the victim(s) of any crime, including Domestic Violence offenses.  Among those rights include the right to be heard.  As a victim of Domestic Violence, it’s important to understand that the prosecutor does not represent you.  The prosecutor represents the state of Arizona and the job of the prosecutor is to secure a conviction against the accused criminal defendant.  

If you do not believe the prosecutor is treating you fairly, you have an absolute right to consult legal counsel to better understand your options and to ensure that someone is looking out for your constitutional rights.  As a victim, you have the right to be heard and to protect yourself.  

At Verdura Law Group PLLC, we have experience representing victims in Domestic Violence cases. We care about the constitutional rights of everyone, including victims, and aggressively advocate on your behalf when the state has ignored your rights.  

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FAQ - Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona