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15. I’ve been charged with Domestic Violence but the Victim wants the charges       dismissed, what can I do to get my Domestic Violence case dismissed?

Just because the victim wants the charges dropped does not mean the prosecutor will dismiss your case.  Rarely, if ever, will the prosecutor dismiss a case simply because the victim wants the charges dropped.  This is because the prosecutor does not represent the victim, but instead represents the state of Arizona and its community members.  The prosecutor is an agent of law enforcement and has an overarching duty to ensure justice and protection to the community regardless of the victim’s wishes.  In addition, the prosecutor has a number of tools it can utilize to proceed with trial even if the victim has become uncooperative.  

However, if the victim wants the charges dropped, a skilled criminal defense attorney can use this information to the advantage of his or her client.  It you find yourself charged with a Domestic Violence offense, it is crucial that you consult an aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows how to successfully defend against Domestic Violence charges within the United States Federal District Court of Arizona, Maricopa County Superior Court, Gilbert Municipal Court, Chandler Municipal Court, Mesa Municipal Court, Scottsdale Municipal Court and Phoenix Municipal Court, as well as all courts in the Phoenix Metro west valley.

Ms. Kaitlin S. Verdura Esq., aggressively represents the wrongfully accused in Domestic Violence cases and has achieved countless Domestic Violence dismissals due to her experience defending against both felony and misdemeanor charges within the state of Arizona.

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FAQ - Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona